About Us

About UsTyler Distribution is a family owned enterprise providing distribution solutions to its customers for over 30 years

The first of Port Jersey Logistics’ operations began in 1954 as a trucking operation servicing the grocery industry in greater New York and New Jersey area. Over time, the same customers who began relying on Port Jersey to service their transportation needs inquired about another service offering…Warehousing.

Warehousing has been a staple of Port Jersey Logistics since the 1960’s when our first grocery customers asked us to store some products until their customer was ready to receive them. Port Jersey’s warehousing companies became a long standing respected Northeast regional warehousing provider, primarily serving the grocery industry for both imported and domestic products. Over time, the warehousing operations of Port Jersey Logistics have seen many iterations including Port Jersey Warehouse, Port Jersey Distribution Services and most recently Tyler Distribution Centers, Inc.

Tyler Distribution was founded in 1984 as a compliment to Port Jersey Distribution Services, with the intent of developing warehousing operations in the emerging central New Jersey Distribution market. An early focus of the Tyler Distribution operations were on specialty food products which were being imported from all over the world.   Many customers found utilizing Tyler Distribution as a way to operate a single warehouse through a single Port of entry in the United States, which could handle nationwide distribution.

Today, many of the Tyler Distribution operations remain focused on servicing the specialty food market, in addition to food ingredients, organic and natural products, beverages, alcoholic beverages, health and beauty aids, personal care products and other consumer packaged goods. The operations have expanded beyond acting as a single nationwide distribution point, to acting as a bi-coastal warehouse for importers or a regional distribution center for importers and domestic manufacturers alike.

Tyler Distribution Centers have come a long way since its beginnings with the goal of providing full service customized distribution solutions to our customers. Whether you’re a first time importer or a high volume domestic manufacturer, Tyler Distribution Centers provide you with the flexibility and knowledge to build an efficient outsourced distribution model.