Organic and Natural Product Warehousing

Organic and Natural Product WarehousingWhile consumer trends are moving to more natural and organic products, Tyler Distribution has been handling these types of products for over 30 years. We realize that organic and natural products are unique and so are the requirements for storing them.  USDA Organic certification is maintained in all our facilities through our ICS Organic Certification ensuring that our storage methods for your organic products meet Farm Verified organic and USDA National organic standards.

Our facilities are a daily pickup point for many of the specialty distributors that help get these products to market.  We’ve partnered with many national distributors such as UNFI & KeHE to implement solutions to making the shipping process better for both you and your distributor partners.  We also are a frequent pickup point for many smaller distributors which service unique markets or limited geographic regions.

We keep up with industry trends by maintaining membership to specialized industry associations and attending industry events focused on organic and natural products, such as the Natural Products Expo. We like to have extensive industry knowledge so that we can provide the best advice and service to our current and future customers. Whether your products are ingredients, finished goods, fair trade, domestic or imported, we have a storage solution for you.