February 8th, 2022

How do the two stack up?

Case Picking

A product is picked in full case/carton quantities from a particular storage medium – such as a pallet position.

As the picker travels the aisles selecting product, orders are grouped by various factors like size and weight. Those items are then placed on a pallet for shipment. 

Pallet Picking

An entire pallet is picked from a rack or floor storage position. In most cases a pallet will contain only one item for easier inventory tracking.

Instead of a picker selecting cases/cartons, a forklift operator will pick up the pallet from its storage location and move it to the shipping dock.

Which will be victorious in saving you the most time and money?

 Ding. Ding. Pallet Picking is our winner! 

But Why?

The practice of picking pallets is much quicker and way more efficient. Driving your customers to order items at the pallet quantity will save you costs in various ways:

  • No case selection fees since there is no picking of individual cases/cartons
  • Since individual cases/cartons need to be placed on pallets to properly ship, the need for pallets to place them on is eliminated – thus saving on the cost for pallets and stretch wrap
  • Another benefit to pallet picking is that your orders could be ready to ship much sooner than orders that need to be case picked