February 8th, 2022

What should you pay attention to when scheduling inbound or outbound appointments with your warehousing partner?

Schedules Fill up FAST

Most providers will ask that they be given certain lead times between the request and the appointment date.

Each provider will have different scheduling requirements and availability based on their individual operation, but one thing that will remain constant throughout each is that their schedule will fill up fast. 

Timing, Timing, Timing

The daily schedule will typically dictate the labor resources available on any given day.

Scheduling things as far in advance as possible will give you better options for appointments versus waiting until the last minute which could result in delays as well as additional fees for “urgent” or “same day” requests.

Communication is Key

As a customer, communication with your 3PL is crucial to a smooth operational experience.

If you know of a promotion that is going to drive sales, or a new product line that will need to be stored in your warehouse – it is best to communicate these types of things with your warehouse so they can prepare and be sure they can accommodate your needs.  

Don’t be Late

It is important that the carrier picking-up/delivering the goods shows up and is on-time.

Late arrivals and missed appointments interrupt the flow of operations within the warehouse and negatively impact the rest of that day’s schedule. There will more than likely be fees for these types of occurrences.  

These are often overlooked details that when managed properly can help your warehouse be more productive when handling your account. The result, potential cost savings.