July 12th, 2017
The Value of Working with a Value-Added Services Warehouse

Whether you operate your own facility or outsource warehousing to a third-party provider, such as Tyler Distribution Centers, the warehouse is the last stop in the supply-chain before products are shipped to the retailers. Often, the retailer requirements are unknown at the time of production, or production issues create unpredictable errors which require immediate correction. At Tyler Distribution Centers, our value added services for warehousing allow our customers to rectify production issues and meet the ever-increasing demand for customization from retailers.

Since a large percentage of our customers are importers or manufacture through co-packers, it is extremely important that we communicate any discrepancies when the product arrives at our warehouse. As our customers’ “eyes-on-the-ground,” we essentially function as the final quality check for their products. As a result of this, our Value-Added Services Department handles a large variety of projects, including:

• Correcting production issues including mislabels and missing case information.
• Offering an alternate product option without requiring a new production run such as variety packs.
• Adapting to retailer and distributor requirements like differing pallet height or pack size requirements.
• Building shipper displays to enhance strategic product placement in retail stores.
• Pick and Pack shipping services.

These value added services for warehousing and distribution facilities encompass:
• Club Pallet
• Club Packs
• Floor Ready Pallet
• End Cap Display
• Floor Stand Display
• In Aisle Display
• Shipper Display
• Counter Display
• Clip Strips
• Kitting and Bundling

Our Secondary packaging services include:
• Co-packing
• Re-packing
• Variety Packs
• Bar Coding
• Labeling
• Ticketing
• Ink Jet Printing
• Shrink Wrapping
• Sorting
• Quality Assurance

As retailer requirements evolve, so do our warehouses’ Value-Added Service offerings. We continue to add new equipment, such as ink-jetting and heat-wrapping machines, and refine our process by thoroughly reviewing each step of every project to prevent process bottlenecks. We also strive to build our relationships with retailers and distributors to stay informed and current with their compliance guidelines allowing us to pass the knowledge along to our customers.

If your company has a need for Value-Added Services projects including pick and pack fulfillment, Tyler Distribution Centers Inc. is always available to assess the situation and develop a plan of action. Contact us as soon as possible to discuss your project requirements. For a full list of our warehouses’ Value-Added Services offerings, please visit: https://tylerdistribution.com/our-services/value-added-services.